Safety Matters Trainer Session

Posted: Nov 17, 2018

On January 15 from 12:00 – 2:00 PM, a Train-the-Trainer session will be held regarding the Safety Matters initiative. Safety Matters is a program to raise awareness among young people about workplace safety and health and to provide an understanding of the skills they need to become active participants in creating safe and healthy work environments. The session will be held in the Environmental Health Building on the CSU campus. Members from AIHA-RMS and ASSP-RMC will be there to learn the material and discuss opportunities to present in front of young workers. The time commitment is minimal and the reward of influencing young workers on safe behaviors goes without saying. Register today. Space is limited.

Additional info on the Safety Matters initiative can be found here.

ASSP Members Appointed to Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention

Posted: Oct 17, 2018

ASSP Members Appointed to Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention Oct 01, 2018 Members Jerry Shupe and Rick Zellen were recently appointed to represent ASSP on the Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention by the Construction Practice Specialty. The alliance’s goal is to provide and disseminate information and resources for suicide prevention and mental health promotion in construction.

Shupe, a professional member of ASSP’s Colorado Chapter and a member of the Society’s Construction Practice Specialty, explains that suicide is prevalent in the construction industry. “The construction industry has one of the highest rates of suicide among all professions,” he says. “As safety professionals, we have an opportunity to further our mission of helping people by learning about risk factors, identifying warning signs and providing avenues to get people resources that are available to them if there is concern of suicide. A great national resource that all safety professionals should be familiar with is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.”

Rick Zellen, a professional member and past president of the Colorado Chapter, 2017 Region II Safety Professional of the Year and a member of the Utilities, Management, Construction and Risk Management Insurance practice specialties, also spoke about the importance of the alliance in the construction industry.

“I accepted [this position] because I wanted to be a part of the movement that is helping to break the stigma surrounding mental health and building a culture that moves people who are facing pain, that would drive them to consider suicide as a solution, to be aware of the assistance that’s available,” he says. “I lost a close friend to suicide about 10 years ago. I had absolutely no idea that he was in that much pain. I’d like to think someday, because of the work the alliance is doing, we will see a significant reduction in suicides in the construction industry.”

Shupe and Zellen’s roles in the alliance will be to provide educational materials, such as articles and resources to help, to the Society’s Construction Practice Specialty to raise awareness.

Social Influences Affect Your New Employee’s Safety Behavior

Posted: Sep 26, 2018

The why is important for all employees and is a critical ingredient to all of your safety communications.

By Brian Dishman

Oct 01, 2017

New employees bring their unique personalities, perspectives, and history to your job site. What is their safety mindset? What was the safety culture of their previous employer? These are worth considering during the onboarding process of new employees. You are reading this publication because you have a passion for safety. You promote a safe work environment for your employees. You have a clear vision for your job site’s safety culture. You want new employees to share your vision, embrace your vision, and live by it. How do you influence them?

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