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Kelley Integrity Safety Solutions

Founded in 2012, Kelley Integrity Safety Solutions is a full-service safety training provider with deep aspirations to prevent workplace injuries and fatalities through training and education. With a driven passion to enhance each participant’s learning experience, we develop, design and implement specialized safety programs with the main focus on “effective training.” We offer a wide range of compliance and/or certification courses that participants actually enjoy participating in.

In early 2017, Kelley Integrity launched their online training portal to better serve some of our customer’s needs. Our online safety training programs have allowed participants across 22 different U.S. states, access to high-quality, “effective training” at their own convenience. Our 100% 3D animated classrooms, including participant interactions and relevant “virtual” field trips keep participants interested and engaged while ensuring that the objectives of each course are met.

Virtual reality is making its way into the fold as well, at Kelley Integrity. We’re excited about the potential virtual reality provides us to measure a participant’s understanding of course content. By setting measurable objectives for participants to achieve, we’re able to measure and document the participant’s actions, all from within a virtual workplace. With a freedom to fail, participants are presented the opportunity to use their own motor skills in demonstrating their understanding. The records that are generated in VR, can supplement traditional exam scores to provide a comprehensive record of knowledge transfer. If you’d like to take any of our online programs for a complimentary “test-drive” please feel free to give us a call at (877) 736-6438.